Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rich Raps

Watch This if you can. When this article on Rich Hilfiger came out earlier this month, Watch This became increasingly fascinated by rich rapping (as performed by Hilfiger and other wealthy patrons of identity crisis) and started wondering "once you go rap, how do you go back?". Becoming a young, rich rapper may be as upsetting to your wealthy parents as becoming a child star of low-brow musical theater, but whereas the rich child stage star can chalk it up to a temporary case of the acting bug, the rich child rap entrepreneur has no exit strategy, no clear path back to the life trajectory he inherited from his parents. Of course that's probably exactly the point - going rap is a perfect (and potentially permanent) rebellion against and rejection of the lifestyle your parents' wealth demands of you. The irony is if you're only as good as Hilfiger, you need a lot of money to pretend like it's working.

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