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Morrisey on Conan

Morrisey and I have things to learn from each other's expressive head motions and hand gestures

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Sarah Gregory - It Could Rain

Sarah returns to the Rockwood Music Hall with her crazy awesome band TOMORROW!! and whoa, 1:30.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Giving Culture

Central Park, 2009. Thanks again to Erol Spencer Hoffmans for the Sunday Suggestion!!

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Hamlet Gonashvili and Georgian Men's Chorus

Wow...I thought I could do the same...these guys are no worgs....

langleyidiot 1 year ago

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This is a Saturday Morning Cartoon and a Sunday Suggestion

a prize to the Watch This follower that correctly guesses what has prevented Watch This from posting the past two Saturdays.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tune Yards - Hatari/Gangster

Look for me doing that white-man-back-up-dancer dance at tonight's show at Poisson Rouge. and man, what did people do before the hyphen?

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Saturday Morning Cartoon and Sunday Suggestion

Okay, I didn't post yesterday, but everyone please RELAX. Here is a cartoon and a Sunday Suggestion. Okay, I'm sorry I got upset before, please forgive me.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Suggestion - Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker

Thanks to Gabriel R. from West Virginia for this dance party inspiring Sunday Suggestion. And what a Sunday he chose!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rich Raps

Watch This if you can. When this article on Rich Hilfiger came out earlier this month, Watch This became increasingly fascinated by rich rapping (as performed by Hilfiger and other wealthy patrons of identity crisis) and started wondering "once you go rap, how do you go back?". Becoming a young, rich rapper may be as upsetting to your wealthy parents as becoming a child star of low-brow musical theater, but whereas the rich child stage star can chalk it up to a temporary case of the acting bug, the rich child rap entrepreneur has no exit strategy, no clear path back to the life trajectory he inherited from his parents. Of course that's probably exactly the point - going rap is a perfect (and potentially permanent) rebellion against and rejection of the lifestyle your parents' wealth demands of you. The irony is if you're only as good as Hilfiger, you need a lot of money to pretend like it's working.

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The Watch This Summer Dance Contest Winner!!!

Watch This is delighted to reveal the winners of the First Annual Watch This Summer Dance Contest! These two guys know that the best way to have fun at a carnival is to join the dance party, and to learn everything you can from anyone wearing t-shirt bling. Then film it so you can send it to Watch This and show the internet how to get down!

This year's winners, Matt S. and the mystery bearded dance king from Massachusetts, will be awarded with custom-made Watch This mix tapes and personally designed t-shirts for use in their future dancing exploits. And they now hold the title of Watch This Champion Dancers!

Thank you!!! to everyone who submitted videos! We hope you'll compete again next summer and keep up the body-movement innovation all year long.

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The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood through Dance

Just a few days left to submit your videos to the Watch This Summer Dance Contest! The winner will be revealed THIS SATURDAY and he or she will receive lavish prizes. Submit by midnight this Friday and you could win! For full information, check out the original post here

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Sunday Suggestion - Divine Rags of Memphis

Today's suggestion comes from Alex in Singapore. Alex could probably beat you in a 50-yard dash if he were running backwards and you were running forwards. He has a masters in economics, speaks three languages, and best of all he found this video and sent it to Watch This. Thanks Alex.

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Musa Juma and Limpopo

God help me, i have listened to these song and i can do it the whole day, but i never get eeennnooouuugghh of it. sounds new and great evry time
DeezNutzNurJaw 1 year ago

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Watch This Summer Dance Contest - Flatfoot Dance

Just under three weeks until the best Watch This Summer Dancer is revealed and rewarded. Click here for the original post about the Watch This Summer Dance Contest, and send in your stuff!

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The description from the YouTube video: "Me trying a ting in U.W.I. St. Augustine Trinidad. Yeah i know. I just being a clown, but i love Capoiera like fus time. Fuh real."

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Sunday Suggestion - Tilt Shift Ski Village

Thanks Erol Spencer Hofmans!! Erol has proven to be the best Sunday Suggester Watch This has ever known. Challenge him.

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DrWoe Presents Jon Brion

and unrelatedly, i just had the best croissant I've ever had right here, and I've eaten at least 400 in my life, including the delicious mini kind that come on huge palettes from BJ's Wholesale Club, and the kind made in Paris at 6 o'clock in the morning. Thanks Victoria's.

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Learn Bharatanatyam - Watch This Summer Dance Contest Update

Thanks to all of you who have already submitted videos! The revealing of the summer's best video dancer is just over a month away, so get filming and send in your stuff. Click here for the original post. And remember, you can do the stanky legg, try this out, or bring a whole new dance into the world.

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Do The Stanky Legg

Announcing: The First Annual Watch This Summer Dance Contest! If you've been practicing and it's time people knew about your moves, enter the Watch This Summer Dance Contest. Send your video to, or post it on your YouTube channel and link to it in the comments. Don't be shy! Whether you're amateur, pro, street, or stage, Watch This likes it all!

The best summer dancer will be revealed on August 27th, and your video will be featured as the Watch This video of the day, where it will be showered with abundant praise. You'll also be awarded a Watch This t-shirt and mix-tape, designed, compiled, and signed personally by CP!

Now do the Stanky Legg...

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Saturday Morning Cartoon - Biker Mice From Mars

EPISODE 2 (102) The Adventure Begins, Part II

With the only Regenerator on Mars having been destroyed, things are looking bad for Mars. The Biker Mice must take General Stoker, the genius creator of the Regenerator, to Planet Earth where he can find the necessary tetra-hydrocarbons required to built another of the precious machines. But there are surprises in store for the Biker Mice upon their return to the City of Chicago- a surprise in the guise of one Ronaldo Rump, land developer extraordinaire, who has joined forces with the Catatonians to get his own greedy mitts on a Regenerator, the ultimate land development tool!

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Lali Puna

video for "Faking The Books," the title track from Lali Puna's 2004 album

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dumb and dumber

Watch This is moving to Aspen for the summer. But you'll still get your daily < 200,000 view video!

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Sunday Suggestion! Rhett and Link's Super Schmuttle

Today's suggestion comes from Joe Raciti in Groton, MA. Joe is an incredible musician who is an incredible artist on the side, and he can eat an entire loaf of bread with an entire container of hummus and an entire cucumber before the first commercial break of the millionaire matchmaker.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Polish rap about public debt

Here's the google translation:

Telling the story of public debt. Call it cosmic debt you can send - no it's not a farce, for the money Pole on Mars. It is worth asking who the debt was inhaling, who pulled out of the problem. Who should be blamed for the state of things, And to whom harm to make amends . The problem is successive governments, implement the old social prejudices. There is no difference what party, always stealing tactic is this: milk the budget after the very bottom, PSL, PiS SLD and PO. Governance for them, twirling ice cream, try to leave no evidence. Sometimes, only someone somewhere wyczai, Minister before he got passed. The hole in the budget due to looting, Minister squandered, hair-raising. When the matter przecieknie to hostile media, They use other remedies then. enough regular beatings foam, adored the cross, the cross ridiculed. The people get steamed up on monuments, And no one who rob taxpayers. Young, educated and perhaps the reserve, tearing snout beneath the cross to raise VAT to forget. When I look at it, dent in my chair, I take the bass and the bass sweep. 2xREF.: When I play the bass, I like Poland a debt, as the government with impunity robs, you, me and the child neighbor. When the shaft bass, It's in the & *% # iam on you, dear populace called the government, let the bass strikes you shock. . .. Let the bass hurts you, hurts ... ZWR.: No, the chorus is not no threat, It is only a request and it's pretty godly. It is better for our country would have happened if the criminals in the government reduced to ashes. I explain, because I do not want to meet BOR -owików, when a cloud with the government's finger touches the wires. The hatred let me not suspect anyone, I love when the government governs wisely. It's not my fault that stupid rule, concentrate only on your own ass. would live better without the construction of eagles, all not only a friend of rabbits. The government so very well for us "is," One hundred and eighty billion in debt us. Thirty-three billion interest per year, therefore the debt is still growing. debt in full is seven hundred billion, and another ten will be on the tramps. Seven ten is a beautiful number, but not when it has to plod homeland. Because to give, even in good faith, that officer shall be paid the same amount. Excessive bureaucracy related to the debt, I'm going back to bass, because I do not like biurw. 2xREF.: When I play the bass, I like Poland a debt, as the government with impunity robs, you, me and the child neighbor. When the shaft bass, It's in the & *% # iam on you, dear populace called the government, let the bass strikes you shock. . .. Let the bass hurts you, hurts ... ZWR.: All governments have squandered a lot of money, our last one is probably the worst. charmed voters liberalism, it clearly made ​​a mistake with the social-statism. Rather than introduce economic freedom, significantly reduce bureaucracy, inefficiency. Lower taxes, eliminate premiums, the money order had no Social Security, only poor grandfather. On top of VAT, the lack of spending cuts, easily comes to raising taxes. They prefer to steal more than reform. They like to talk, wasting our time. Everything he promised our "wonderful" government, Ireland's second of nowhere. forgot that Ireland was well, the period when the taxes lowered. The government of mentally limited, instead of cutting spending, his paw into his pocket and our future generations wsadzają, No bastards have no scruples. For years, well do you remember , In the country everything is upside down. If it was not terrible it would be comical, I play the bass therapeutically. 2xREF.: When I play the bass, I think a debt like Poland, as the government with impunity robs, you, me and a neighbor child. When the shaft bass, It's in the & *% # iam on you, dear populace called the government, let the bass strikes shock you. ... Let the bass hurts you, hurts ...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Las Hermanas Padilla

I think this is from a Mexican movie from 1947 called "Albur de Amor" starring Pedro Amendariz, but I'm not sure. Anyone know anything?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Suggestion - Asnakech Worku

Thanks to Anthony P. for the excellent Sunday Suggestion! Asnakech Worku is a legendary Ethiopian musician with an incredible career spanning six decades (learn more here) Anthony P. is a most excellent father who loves climbing mountains, pretending he's an opera singer, and making brilliant political arguments, terrible political arguments, and sometimes specious political arguments. He's a brilliant historian, an enthusiastic outdoorsman, and the reason I know "Eric the Half a Bee." And when you say "suggestion," he says, "troubadours and minnesingers!" which means he's a pretty special dad. Happy father's day all you father followers. Suggest the next suggestion and you will find yourself lauded!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Suggestion - Alan Ginsberg reads America

This Sunday's Suggestion comes all the way from Erol Hofmans in the Hague! In 2008, Erol founded the Center for a World in Balance, and runs the monthly newsletter The Green Switch, both of which emphasize the inextricable interdependance of environmental sustainability and human rights. He also tells me he is in the midst of writing a novel, and that in my Watch This profile photo, I bear a striking resemblance to one of the main characters. In sum, Erol is a total baller (notice how "baller" has replaced the late 90's ubiquitous "pimp" as the best American slang word for "impressively to intmidatingly, industriously productive yet cavalierly cool dude"? i think we're getting somewhere...) who is maybe internet stalking me, which would be okay with me because he's bringing Watch This to the people of Europe while also initiating a Green revolution. And I'm kidding about the stalking, I think I just have one of those faces. Thanks for the suggestion Erol! and enjoy your Sunday video everyone!

Here are links to Erol's work:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday morning cartoons - health in the modern age

Halas and Batchelor cartoon from 1947 sponsored by England's National Health Service.

And if you want more about toes and shoes...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Balun ft. Angelica Negron - cuidado al caminar

come see Angelica's group, Arturo en el Barco, this Monday at Poisson Rouge. Laeititia Sadier of Stereolab is headlining:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Suggestion - Nadal picks a wedgie, slow mo

still in VA, but a computer has emerged! Gabriel, who says he already feels lauded for having been chosen as the Sunday Suggestion winner, indeed warrants more lauding. Gabriel looks great both at his most tan, and as his tan fades, and he is not only excellent at making suggestions, but also at convincing people to do the right thing at the right time.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday afternoon cartoon - dark water

In walkerton Virginia! No computer access! for today's Saturday morning cartoon, follow this link:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paul Pena singing his song Jet Airliner

Paul Pena is the subject of maybe the best (in its worstness) documentary ever to be nominated for an Oscar. It's called Genghis Blues (1999) and it's about Pena's journey to become a Tuvan throat singer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cuban actress and singer Rita Montaner in a Mexican film from 1951 called "Negro es mi color." In this scene, she sings to her daughter.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Van Morrison - Fair Play

thanks to ARG for the Sunday Suggestion. his selection earns him the following laudatory remarks: Andrew is not only an exceptional story-teller and song-writer, he is also a very handsome pseudo-redhead with a knack for both slow-paced and fast-paced walking and wearing recognizable hats.

Have a Sunday Suggestion? post in the comments and you may find yourself similarly lauded next week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Remember this guy?

I posted this video a couple weeks ago, and last night, by complete coincidence, I met him in person! He was giving a concert at Grace and St. Pauls Church in Manhattan with his group Suprili, a small choir that sings traditional Georgian polyphony. It took about two songs for me to realize that he was that guy from that video I posted!! I told him the story, but he was, justifiably, more weirded out than impressed.
Also on the program last night was the Starry Mountain Singers, and here's a video of the group's men singing a Corsican lament, from their performance in Elkins, WV on May 10. Thanks to my friend Gabe for the concert tip, and for allowing me to have a strange video-comes-to-life crazy moment. You think if I post a video of Hugh Jackman I'll meet him too?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

an american in georgia

This is a video of an American English teacher from Tbilisi University singing "Mravalzhamier" on stage and speaking to Georgians in Georgian.