Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Suggestion - Alan Ginsberg reads America

This Sunday's Suggestion comes all the way from Erol Hofmans in the Hague! In 2008, Erol founded the Center for a World in Balance, and runs the monthly newsletter The Green Switch, both of which emphasize the inextricable interdependance of environmental sustainability and human rights. He also tells me he is in the midst of writing a novel, and that in my Watch This profile photo, I bear a striking resemblance to one of the main characters. In sum, Erol is a total baller (notice how "baller" has replaced the late 90's ubiquitous "pimp" as the best American slang word for "impressively to intmidatingly, industriously productive yet cavalierly cool dude"? i think we're getting somewhere...) who is maybe internet stalking me, which would be okay with me because he's bringing Watch This to the people of Europe while also initiating a Green revolution. And I'm kidding about the stalking, I think I just have one of those faces. Thanks for the suggestion Erol! and enjoy your Sunday video everyone!

Here are links to Erol's work:

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