Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Suggestion - Asnakech Worku

Thanks to Anthony P. for the excellent Sunday Suggestion! Asnakech Worku is a legendary Ethiopian musician with an incredible career spanning six decades (learn more here) Anthony P. is a most excellent father who loves climbing mountains, pretending he's an opera singer, and making brilliant political arguments, terrible political arguments, and sometimes specious political arguments. He's a brilliant historian, an enthusiastic outdoorsman, and the reason I know "Eric the Half a Bee." And when you say "suggestion," he says, "troubadours and minnesingers!" which means he's a pretty special dad. Happy father's day all you father followers. Suggest the next suggestion and you will find yourself lauded!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! My brother and I spent the whole morning perusing and discussing the wikipedia article for "troubadour," so we count ourselves as new troubadour nerds, and now I see on your Sunday Suggestion that your dad seems to be an old hand at troubadour nerdery. And minnesang too! Which I'd never heard of until today. We think that more research needs to be done on how socioeconomic changes (rising affluence, mainly) in High Medieval society may have led to the rise of troubadours and associated poetic/musical patronage systems.